Painting to share my love of nature

Joy is an artist living and working in the New Forest

Painting has become a very important part of my life

I started to paint just before I retired from a career in IT which Had started in the early 1960s.

I always had the desire to draw and paint but my schooling was Science based leaving no time for Art classes and, later on, family and work did not leave me with the time to do so. I did manage to paint the odd flower from our garden in my childhood.

I have not had formal art training, but I have always taken every opportunity to learn from experienced and successful professionals.

A Foundation course with
Trevor Waugh was an important turning point for me. He has such a wealth of experience, knowledge and talent. I will always thank Trevor and his wife Darlas for being patient, building my confidence, his teaching and for making me feel welcome. 5 year later Trevor is still my mentor.

I love the natural world and am fortunate to live in The New Forest (UK).
I can always find inspiration in my local surroundings, the New Forest, the coast and nature.

I paint mostly in traditional oils and watercolour.

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